7 features Apple Maps  make you to download

7 features Apple Maps make you to download

with all the free mapping services to be had these days, apple maps can also find it difficult to make its manner lower back to customers' fingers. up

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with all the free mapping services to be had these days, apple maps can also find it difficult to make its manner lower back to customers’ fingers. upload to that the issues besetting apple’s mapping provider like misleading instructions.

in hopes to carry returned the dignity days of apple maps, the cupertino developer has made tonnes of updates for it through the ios 10. ibtimes singapore has listed seven functions to make you want to download and use apple maps again.

Traffic updates

Apple maps constantly gives you updates of visitors on a specific direction. each time the going receives hard on the road, the provider will give you time to adjust your direction. to show it on, go to settings > maps and slide the traffic toggle to on.

Event notifications

If you are a calendar whore and also you keep losing track of your agenda, apple maps can help you with your problem. the app will come up with a heads up which you have an upcoming event along side pointers how lengthy it takes to get you on your occasion location on time.

Location coding

Establishments, points of interest, parks, etc. are shade-coded in apple maps to inform customers what this unique vicinity is. so even though certain establishments are not apparent with the aid of their names, colour coding makes it less complicated for you to inform what is what and which is which.

eating places are coded orange with fork and knife. hospitals are coded white with crimson go. shops are coded yellow with buying bag. hotels and motels are coded blue with a bed.

Yelp reviews

if it’s miles your first time to set foot on a restaurant, hotel or any commercial enterprise establishments and you’re having doubts approximately it, apple maps offers you opinions for sure stores courtesy of yelp. bear in mind, this selection does not require you to launch yelp.

3D view

At the same time as google maps is apple maps’ counterpart, the latter boasts a characteristic that fare up with google earth. with three-D view, you get to peek of what the place seems like.

Flyover Tour

And if three-D is not sufficient, you can use the flyover excursion, which basically gives you a 3-D view of the location on a bird’s point of view.


Google is your nice buddy, they say. however it can be tiring to launch google search to look for something. with apple maps, it’s miles constructed with wikipedia round it so you get direct access to facts of museums, streets, visitor web sites, and so on.