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Inavit news is a Tech blog website which is belongs to Inavit Studio where the lot of techs and innovation happening around the world is blog to our tech portal. This tech portal benefits the user by bring up to date news and tech were the user can know day to day changes in technology field.

Inavit news has the various  categories of Apps, Mobiles, Gagets, VR, Games, Software, Hardware, Science, Reviews, Robotics and more

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Inavitnews welcomes letters to the editor and commentaries from all readers. attributable to house limitations, submissions cannot exceed 750 words. If an article exceeds 750 words, it’ll not be thought of for publication. All authors should embrace name, telephone number and get in touch with address to be thought of for publication. Anonymous letters won’t be thought of. All submissions ar subject to piece of writing for length and clarity. A submission doesn’t guarantee publication.

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