Add HTML5 to Growing your Business value

Add HTML5 to Growing your Business value

If you have any web or app developers working for your business, they’ve no doubt made you aware of the extraordinary benefits of HTML5. But while the

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If you have any web or app developers working for your business, they’ve no doubt made you aware of the extraordinary benefits of HTML5. But while there has been plenty of discussion regarding the technical aspects of HTML5, how does the new standard affect the bottom line of your business?
For a new technology to be accepted, it must demonstrate a tangible business value to decision-makers. Fortunately, there are several expected benefits that appeal to the business end of organizations that we can highlight here.

Reducing the Bottom Line

Reducing the bottom line is an objective of every business, no matter how big or small. The savings of HTML5 are generally reflected in development costs. Currently, developing compatible apps for multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices is not just an enormous headache, it’s an expensive one. But since developers can now use the same code across all platforms to develop sites and apps with HTML5, these costs are significantly decreased. Not only that, but consider that maintenance costs are also reduced. The lifetime cost of software is lessened. And since developers use the same code across all platforms, there is no need to purchase a numerous testing devices.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Inclusivity is the main theme of HTML5. Compatibility issues that once plagued developers are expected to be a thing of the past. A site developed in HTML5 is designed to function on both desktop and mobile device browsers with almost no need for modifications. Flash and Silverlight, which are only available on certain devices, can be replaced with HTML5 audio and video elements that accomplish the same functions. You no longer have to worry about a certain segment of your market being unable to access parts of your site. And, of course, a wider audience can only mean more customers.

Leaner, Meaner Websites

With cleaner, more simplified code of HTML5, a site will perform better in search queries. SEO will be easier so more potential customers will be able to quickly find your site. This is especially useful if your business needs a leg up over the competition. Another incredible feature of HTML5 is the advanced storage options. No longer are you limited to just a few cookies. Now you have the ability to store client-side data temporarily in a real SQL database. Users can even reload a web page if they are temporarily offline. By not limiting your customers to online access only, you allow them more opportunities to interact with your site.

Quicker Time to Market

Every successful organization knows that timing is critical to success. Developing an app for iOS means waiting 2 to 14 days for approval before it reaches the hands of your customers. Since there is no approval process for HTML5, that time is reduced to zero. Users can get updates to your consumers in real-time, keeping them up-to-date with features, news, and announcements. HTML5 allows you to always stay ahead of the curve.

Even though the standard is not finalized, there’s no time like the present to adopt HTML5. The business value can be realized immediately. Early adopters foster more innovation and a better understanding of the language so that when new elements are introduced, they will be first in line to adopt those as well. With so much riding on your ability to keep up with the latest technology, your business can’t afford to wait.