Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Super Bike in India

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Super Bike in India

Overview Kawasaki has finally launched the much-awaited Ninja 1000 in India with a price-tag of INR 12.5 lakhs (ex-showroom). The bike is powered by

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Kawasaki has finally launched the much-awaited Ninja 1000 in India with a price-tag of INR 12.5 lakhs (ex-showroom). The bike is powered by a 1043cc engine, which generates maximum power of 140 Bhp at 10000 rpm with max torque of 111 Nm at 7300 rpm.

Design and Style

This bike is said to be the full fairing version of Z1000 as it shares many body parts with its sibling. The quad shaped twin black colored silencers, rear cowl and extended fender can also be seen in Z1000. The bike looks extremely sporty when seen from the back thanks to its tall positioned rear cowl and extremely fatty rear tyre. The LED tail light has been nicely integrated in its rear cowl while its clear lens indicators are fitted in its fender. The bike lacks grab rail and features split seats. The rider seat nicely merges in to the up-raised fuel tank. There are noticeable cuts on this stylish fuel tank which features an integrated side fairing. The dual colored side fairing looks very aerodynamic and adds sporty feel to this bike. Kawasaki has nicely left air-outlets in this fairing which also comes with integrated clear lens side indicators and Ninja decals. The front face of this bike features twin sharp headlights which are placed in its front cowl. The black colored rear view mirrors are also mounted on this cowl. Ninja 1000 sports a long and sharp transparent visor which looks dynamic at first sight. The bike shares its short front fender with Z1000 which gets extended along its telescopic forks. Kawasaki has placed catchy six-spoke black colored alloy wheels in this bike.

Instrument Console

The bike has a futuristic combined analogue-digital instrument console. The left circular dial houses an analogue tachometer with an illuminating white needle while a LCD has been placed on the right side which displays digital speedometer, odometer, 2-trip meter and fuel gauge. All essential LED indicators can also be noticed in its instrument panel.

Engine and Gearbox

The bike shares its 1043cc engine with Z1000. It’s a four stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16 valves engine which generates a maximum power output of 140 bhp at 10000 rpm. The utmost torque output of this liquid-cooled engine is of 110 NM which arrives at 7300 rpm. Similar to its sibling, this bike also has a six-speed manual gearbox with one gear down and five gears up-shift pattern.

Acceleration and Performance

It’s a very refined and responsive 1000cc engine from Kawasaki. This DOHC engine gives you no chance to complain about its refinement level. The engine makes least noise when you push this bike really hard. The NVH levels are kept low and that shows when you drive this bike at the speed of 200km/hr. The low and mid-range of this bike is really fantastic. The linear power delivery through its well matched gearbox gives it an instant throttle reaction. Its early availability of power and torque helps a lot while overtaking and it feels better than other bikes on highways as you don’t have to rev it too hard to keep it moving at fast pace. The well-spaced gear ratios avoid frequent gear shifts and help this bike to be on the faster side. The bike reaches 100km/hr from standstill in less than 4 seconds. One can easily drive this bike in city traffic as it requires minimal gear shifts to maintain its momentum which also helps this bike to get better fuel economy.


The bike may cover a distance of 15 kilometres in one litre of petrol. These figures may increase on long runs.

Comfort while Driving

The raised handlebar of this bike offers nice palm grip to the rider. Your elbows also fold in an aerodynamic position while your feet gets firm grip on its rear set foot pegs which are easily reachable. The tank cuts give way to your knees which provide you a good hold of this bike. Its well-padded urethane seat also gives you nice support and enhances your comfort while driving. Its height adjustable visor can also be added in the list of comfort features.

Storage Space and Safety Features

Kawasaki has smartly incorporated bag hooks in passenger foot peg brackets. The twin headlights of this bike provide you bright view of roads when you drive at night and callipers at both ends ensures your safety while braking.

Suspension and Brakes

The bike features fully adjustable 41mm inverted front forks and mono shock with swing arm at the back. The braking system of Ninja 1000 is similar to Z1000. It features dual petal disc brakes of 300mm at its front while it has a single rear petal disc brake of 250mm. The bike will also have optional ABS system.

Ride and Handling

The addition of full fairing has affected the ride and handling of this bike. The bike has a wheelbase of 1440mm similar to Z1000 as these both bikes are based on the same frame. The high speed stability of this bike is considerably better than Z1000 thanks to its full fairing which improves the aerodynamics of this bike. The suspension and braking system of Ninja 1000 properly holds this bike on road while its fatty tyres never allow this bike to loose contact with roads. The slow speed stability of this bike is not better than Z1000 due to its additional weight. The bike handles brilliantly at high speeds but it takes time to settle in city traffic. The suspension system easily takes the weight of this bike and gives you stress free confident rides.


Kawasaki Ninja 1000 would be competing with bikes like Honda CBR1000RR and Yamaha R1 in India. It’s a premium sports bike which has the potential to impress you with its powerful performance, aerodynamic design and modern features. Moreover, the bike offers superior quality of ride and handling. Everything seems in the favour of this bike and it may become a tough challenge for other established players.


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