How to Perform an Online Antivirus Scan with Kaspersky?

How to Perform an Online Antivirus Scan with Kaspersky?

Kaspersky is a free, online antivirus program that is used to detect and report all types of malware, spyware, and viruses. It allows you to see what kind of viruses are getting through your system and decide if your computer’s antivirus is effectively eliminating them or not. At the end of the scan, the program lists any infections that it has come across on your PC.

This FAQ will walk you through the process of running an online Kaspersky scan of your system.

How To Run an Online Antivirus Scan Using Kaspersky

Visit the Kaspersky Virus Scanner page, and click Kaspersky Online Scanner. The scanner window will open in your web browser. Read the User Agreement, and click Accept. (If you’re using Internet Explorer, you will be asked to download an Active X control, which you should do.)

N.B. It may be necessary to disable the your antivirus to avoid potential conflicts. You should avoid downloading files and surfing the internet during this time as your machine is temporarily unprotected. Once the scan is complete, remember to reactivate your antivirus.

Once the program is ready, click My Computer under Analyze to perform a full system scan. Once the scan is complete, the results are displayed. You can create a backup of them by clicking Save Report.

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