How To Restore Missing App Store Icon?

How To Restore Missing App Store Icon

The Apple App Store icon is one of the always-ending applications on any iPhone or iPod. If you feel that this is missing, then this means it has become misplaced. Our work can not work without it. Therefore, let us tell you how to find out if it can happen or not.

App Store Icon is missing

It looks pretty obvious that the app store icon has disappeared. So first of all look for it by going to every corner of your device. It may have changed in its place.

Double-check all the folder of the application. Look, there’s no app store icon there. In this work you can also get help of <bold> Search </ bold> on your device. Go to the search field of the device and type <bold> App Store </ bold>

If you have set any restrictions on your device, this app may not show on your home screen. To resolve this problem, you must go to <bold> Settings </ bold>> <bold> General </ bold>> <bold> Restrictions </ bold>. Then go there and put your passcode.

 On the next page you will see a list of many icons. Next to <bold> On </ bold> and <bold> Off </ bold> options will also be available. Select the <bold> App Store </ bold> icon here and make it <bold> ON </ bold>.

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